We would call this a “Victory”…

only 1 demadex on Victor’s skin scrape so he’s close to being 100% clear!  His fosters will take him back to see Dr. Down’s at Lums Pond Animal Hospital in a month for another follow up. If all is clear he can start getting some vaccinations. We are all so proud of him!!!

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2 Responses to We would call this a “Victory”…

  1. Susie says:

    What happened to Victory? Where is he now? My boyfriend and his dad were his previous foster parents. I heard he got adopted but I didn’t see him on Happy Tails.

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hey Susie! Yes Victory was officially adopted July 8th. We posted on FB and just on November 10th posted updated pictures from his adopters. Unfortunately we are still waiting on their Happy Tails photo, they don’t have visitors too often so no 1 to take it and unfortunately we forgot when we did their adoption. I’ll use another picture as a placeholder while we remind them we are still waiting. He is doing FABULOUS. Thanks SO much to your boyfriend and his dad for helping Victory through his journey, it was a long tough road but the end result always make it so worth it!

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