Watch Pit Bull Pride of Delaware, Shelter Me Winner, on 6abc news

Shelter Me: Pit Bull Pride of Delaware

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4 Responses to Watch Pit Bull Pride of Delaware, Shelter Me Winner, on 6abc news

  1. james gorman says:

    I found a pitbull And I can’t keep it But I don’t Want to take it to the SPCA They will put it down Can you help me Please contact me at 7474 769 Area code 3:02 Thank you

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi James, thank you for caring for this pup. Have you taken him/her to a local vet to be scanned for a microchip. Also I understand you not wanting to take her to the SPCA but have you filed a found report with Kent County, posted her on Craig’s list, and in local paper, to see if someone is looking for him/her. You do not have to surrender her to the SPCA unless you choose to and the SPCA does not euthanize all pit bull type dogs. More then you know are adopted out. While we would would love to help every dog in need, since we are a 100% foster based organization we can only take in new pups when we have a foster and funds available.

      Here is a link we strongly recommend for assistance and advice on how to safely find a dog a new home on your own, We are so glad this pup has you to help hiim/her. If you exhaust all other options and still are not successful in finding a good home for this pup on your own, please email details and pics to and see if we have any open fosters at that time.

      ~All the Best, Shannon~

  2. Mauala says:

    owner of a pit puppy at 2401 west eric drive (maplecrest) wilmington darweale was observed abusing this dog..owner dragged puppy down the street to parkland..returning home he was carrying the puppy and when he reached the driveway and dropped the puppy than kicked it .animal control was called..not sure what you can do

    • shannonpbpde says:

      This is terrible, and I’m afraid this is the same person we have been contacted about before. Thank you so much for caring about this pup. This unfortunately is not as uncommon as we would hope. Animal Control are the only 1’s that have the authority to do anything, so we have to push them until they do their jobs. In many cases they do what they can based on the confines of the law and the people say they will do the right thing but then they don’t and go back to abusing their pets and that’s when we have to keep calling animal control every time we see this. They will only take a report from the person who actually has seen the abuse, not us as a 3rd party. I will however copy and paste your message and message the SPCA on FB in hopes this will help. Not sure if it was KCSPCA that you called but you can also report this to the DESPCA ( as they operate the Humane Law Enforcement Division for the state of Delaware to help enforce Delaware Animal Cruelty Laws. Thank you for being a voice for this pup, and we will absolutely pray for him/her. ~All the Best, Shannon~

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