Please visit the Office of Animal Welfare’s website for a complete list of rules and guidelines,, or call 302.255.4620 for more information.

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  1. nichole brown says:

    hello my name is nichole brown im searching for 2 pit bulls that were taken during a police incident at my house unrelated to myself. they were taken by animal control and when I went to go get them they told me that it was 540$ for 5 days b c they had 3 of my dogs. I had enough to get one dog but after trying to get the other money up in the 2 weeks they give you I couldn’t do it with the price going up each day. ive bn trying to find them since February but they wont tell me where they are. im feeling like one of my children has run away and I don’t know if theyre dead or alive. my female Truth is all fawn and looks like she has black eyeliner on. she was 7 in august. Haydes her son who was born on my birthday dec 2nd 2010 is all black n brown brendal but is very big. he is 115lbs the lady at animal control was trying to tell me he was king corso. even though I was there when he was made and there whn he was born. please help me find my dogs ive bn trying everywhere I can think of. animal control was no help and my dogs were very well taken care of. they were my children. I had no job and the prices they charge are absolutely ridiculous. I can send pictures. they would have gone somewhere around march 1st. they were taken from me on valentines day. if any one out there has any ideas or other websites please help me. I just need to know if theyre ok.

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