Here are our dogs that are looking for their forever homes!

If you’re interested in helping us save more lives by fostering, please email us at

Foster steps:
1. application –
2. home visit
3. dog meeting
4. foster

**our fosters homes must be within a 1 hour radius of Newark, DE

If you are looking to save a life by adopting, please contact us at If you do not receive a response in 72 hours please check your spam folder and/or send us a follow up email. Thank you!

Adoption steps:
1. application –
2. home visit
3. dog meeting
4. adoption

**our adopters homes must be within a 2 hour radius of Newark, DE

Adoption fee (depending on the dog you choose) is $200-$300, which includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, microchipping, heartworm testing, starting on a monthly heartworm & flea/tick preventative and deworming.  Please note all your currrent pets must be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason why they can not be.

If faxing you application is most convenient, please fax to 267-434-7460.

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FB_IMG_1452784163655PAULIE was adopted and returned due to no fault of his own. His adopter had to move and sadly could not bring him. Paulie was one on the last dogs to make it out alive from Safe Haven and we were happy to give him the second chance at a better life. Now Paulie is looking for a new home. Paulie is a 3 year old neutered male that is microchipped and utd on his vaccines. He’s dog friendly and doesn’t seem to mind cats.



ELSA- Everyone meet PBP’s newest princess Elsa! She was found running as a stray in the city of Wilmington over a week ago. It was known that this sweetie pie was dumped and was a stray for quite some time. She was being fed scraps from people in the area. Lucky for her, angels stepped in ( who are now her foster parents) and were able to catch her. We could not resist that sweet face and bubbly personality. We got her vaccinated and she will be spayed soon. Other then the multiple old wounds that have already healed she has a clean bill of health. She is dog friendly and loves everyone she meets. She is already crate trained and potty trained. She has been around kids and loves them. We really don’t know how anyone could of dumped her but we will make sure she gets the life she so desperately deserves! Hit like if you think she is adorable!____________________________________________

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82 Responses to Adopt-a-Bulls

  1. shannon helm says:

    My names shannon, me and my boyfriend are looking to adopt a pitbull under the age of one. I talked to a lady today who actually adopted a pitbull from you and it got us very excited weve been looking for one if u could give us an email back on your newest or available puppys much appriciated!

  2. Lisa Mueller says:

    I am interested in Victory.
    I also just saw Snoopy.
    I have downloaded an application and will forward once completed.
    I have male mixed breed 5 1/2 year old four legged Son, Buster.
    We have had problems with “meets” with older dogs and being in unfamiliar places.
    My Vet’s office said to consider a pup vs young adult or adult. So, here We are.
    Buster gets the best of the best in food ( has grain issues/ allergies) Love, Care ( has doggy insur.) and has a great grassy, fenced yard to boot!
    We would Love to give another Good Dog a forever Home!
    Lisa Bendorf-Mueller

  3. Teri Baetzel says:

    I am very interested in Max. I have a lot of experience with pitbulls. I had pitbulls, american bulldogs and english mastiffs growing up. However, I was wondering if he gets along with cats? How would the adoption process work if I lived in PA, in Atglen not to far from you…?
    Teri 610 806 2399

  4. Dianathomas says:

    I look at your Web site and I would like some more information on two victory and ruskus I love pitbulls

  5. Dianathomas says:

    I like Lucy to

  6. Leslie says:

    So glad I saw your organization represented on channel 6 today. I am always thankful for the animal rescues especially those for the bully breeds. They are truly amazing animals and I would have no other. I soo love them!

  7. Eric Edwards says:

    How much does Max weigh?

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Eric, Max is about 70 lbs at his last vet visit, but needs to slim down to about 60 lbs. We are happy to report he is meeting an approved adopter this weekend to see if they are a perfect match.

      All the Best,
      Shannon Dixon

  8. Adam says:

    I need pit bull pup

  9. Elise says:

    hi shannon my family and I love Max i was wondering if he was still up for adoption?

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Elise, Max is still officially up for adoption, but did go to a new foster to adopt home yesterday. We like to place our pups in the home on a foster basis 1st to ensure it’s the perfect fit prior to completing the adoption. Please contact our Adoption Coordinator, at If not Max we would love to help you find your perfect match.

      All the Best,

  10. Ryan Nucifora says:

    I am very interested in Macho, I am looking for a young brindle puppy with some energy. Is he available for adoption

  11. Ryan says:

    I am very interested in Macho, I know he would make a great addition to our family! I have emailed Amy, whats the next step

  12. shirley m. says:

    Im always happy to see people helping animals in need. Good Job PBP team!
    i’d love to have one but unfortunately can’t have two dogs at the same time… i currently have a beagle but also think that Pibbles are so cute! I’ll try to help whenever i can 🙂

    PS. if i buy something from ur amazon wishlist, will it ship directly to u?

  13. mark snyder says:

    I spoke with u and emailed u at the blue rocks game about adopting the puppy merlin the all black male and no one has ever responded to me

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Mark, I am sorry for this very, very late reply. I hope that you got in touch with our Adoption Coordinator.

  14. Jack Roberts says:

    you guys do great work, have been thinking of one of your pit’s I am having problems catching your link for E-mail could someone contact me at 302-602-1320 my name is Jack Roberts I do have a few questions, interested in Santino or Attikus

  15. brianpritt says:

    I want to come see about a puppy but I can find a number to call you please email me it

  16. Henry Gonzalez says:

    Interested I adopting. What exactly are the requirements to adopt?

  17. Tiffany says:

    Hi, ive fostered for You guys before. I need sharons # so i can foster again

  18. Lori Bukowski says:

    Hi, my name is Lori. We were the family with the 5 kids that were talking to you about adopting Santino. I was looking at the pictures on here and I am also interested in Cece. I just need to decide between the 2. Please let me know the different personalities between them. I also didn’t see any phone numbers to contact unless I am just missing it. Please let me know. I was trying to post the pic that we took but I think you guys took one on a cell phone anyway.

  19. Hi my name is Cindy and my neighbor and I have been taking care of this young pit bull but it is not possible to take care of her anymore. She was staying at my neighbor’s house to have her puppies but the owner never came back to pick her up and it’s been a year now. My neighbor already has 5 dogs and I have one, I make sure she has food and a bed to sleep in. Nobody seem’s to what to take care of her so I got her a rabies shot and a booster, she is such a loving dog ” she needs to get to know you first” and after that she will melt in you hands. Since this jerk is never coming to pick up his dog I would love to see her go to a home where she will get all the attention that she needs. I love her very much but my husband will not let me have another animal since we lost 3 already. Her name is Savannah and what a cutie she is, please please please help. Thank You

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hello Cindy,

      We are very sorry to hear this situation. Thanks so much to you and your neighbor for caring for this sweet girl. PBP of DE is a small, 100% foster/volunteer based organization that cares for approximately 10-12 pups at a time. Because of the overwhelming # of owner surrender requests and high-kill shelter pleas we receive every day, we are unfortunately not able to take in every pup.

      While every animal deserves a chance, the sad reality is *approximately 9,000 dogs and cats die in shelters in the United States, simply because they have no place to call home. That’s more than 4 million unnecessary deaths a year. A true, present-day tragedy. This pup is lucky to have 2 people that care, while we make those death row, shelter pups our 1st priority because they have no one to speak for them. Many of them have been abandoned and have never known the love and care of being in a safe home. Based on these statistics we would hope your neighbor would reconsider and can make the necessary adjustments to keep her in a loving home. If you truly feel you need to find this pup a new home, PBP of DE strongly recommends Pit Bull Rescue Central for assistance and advice on how to safely find a new home on your own: We REALLY need to public to help in these efforts to help save more pups lives.

      If after you have exhausted all options and you still need our help, please have your neighbor email pictures and details about your pup (age, sex, temperament, dog/cat friendly, etc.) to our Owner Surrender Coordinator, Ashley, at Due to the high-volume of requests we receive, there is a waiting list.

      Other no kill rescues in the area are Faithful Friends Animal Society (, CompAnimals Pet Rescue (, Delaware SPCA –Georgetown & Stanton (, and the Delaware Humane Association ( We would also recommend The Pet Project, email, and/or review their website at for additional resources.

      ~All the Best, Shannon~

      *Stats provided by Best Friends October 2013

  20. kelly says:

    I am very interested in Atticus. I think he would be a great addition to my household. Please explain the adoption process. Thank you.

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Kelly, you can find details of our adoption process under our adopt-a-bulls tab, on our website. Attikus did just go in to a foster to adopt home, but nothing is final until the adoption papers are signed. ~All the Best, Shannon~

  21. Ivey Wallace says:

    Hi. Is Violet available for a foster home???

    Thank you
    -Ivey Wallace

  22. Kenny says:

    Hello. What are your weekend hours?? Thank you.

  23. Daniel says:

    Hi my name is Daniel, I work withTerry Brennan she was telling me about your site. I’m interested in adopting Cail. I have rescued a pitbull terrier named drusilla 2 years ago and i absolutely fell in love with her. She is very playful and loves other dogs. If u can please contact me back

  24. Promise says:

    All of the pit bulls are in Delaware right my boyfriend wants to know.. We are looking at pumpkin

  25. ashley says:

    Are there any of dancers puppies left? If so how do.I adopt and is there a fee

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Ashley, yes I believe there is 1 male and 1 female still available. Please email The adoption fees for puppies is $300, which includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, microchipping, heartworm testing, starting on a monthly heartworm & flea/tick preventative and deworming.

  26. Ivey says:

    Hi! Which two puppies are left?!?!

  27. Ivey says:

    Hi. Can you notify me when you get more puppie? Thanks!

  28. Michelle says:

    Hi my name is michelle I am interested in volunteering but I cant foster how can I help you guys

  29. James Kerwood says:

    My names is James. I’m part of pbp. Do to mound hound tempermant and keeps attacking my sr. Pit which shpuldnt have to suffer my fiance has learned to love pits even though attacked once my sr pit changed her mind. But from hound dog aggression toward my pit to trash can and trying own r house after numourous traing her attacks on my pit and damage is coming yo and end and she wants him back yo spca. She said i can adopt another young pup if i want that i can train. My pit half pit half bull dog and she agreed to let me get a full pit if Ty he hound goes.Addie mai, pearl & cali. I love pearl age and look…red nose usually better tempermant even though question on the mange. Addie be 2nd choice then cali. We have 3 kids a sr pit and a cat. Aby extra info would help. Hate get rid of my hound as good dog but dominance game even tjough occasionally…when do happen result badly.looking for new pup to train and b partner for my sr dog to live her last few years peacefully.

  30. We are interested in Brock please get back to me 302 723 5449

  31. Victoria Duke says:

    I’m interested in Brock.. But I live in nc and I’m not sure if you adopt out of state and how that would work?

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Victoria, yes we adopt out of state but within a 2 hour radius. We do not have the resources at this time to adopt any further. Please visit your local shelters, there are MANY Brock’s out there dreaming of forever, loving homes. ~All the Best, Shannon~

  32. Tammy says:

    Interested in adopting

  33. Danielle says:

    I just want to say, “Thank you” for all you guys do to help these pups / dogs…especially this breed! You are all amazing!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    My name is liz. My boyfriend and I were talking about adopting a pit bull. The problem is we need to find one perfect to fit our growing family. Currently we have a 7 month old american bully who loves to play and rough house, we also have a 3 month old baby, and a 6 year old cat. We are looking for a dog who is possibly already house broken and over the age of 1. If you could email us any dogs you have that may work for our family to look at and possibly adopt we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  35. Taylor Smoot says:


    My name is Taylor. My family would like to have more information on Piper Ann! We are wondering if she is good with children? Our family is planning to move in the beginning of September. The house were going to has a large backyard where she could run and play!

    Thank you for any information!

    Taylor 🙂

  36. Leslie Rorke says:

    Y’all are in Delaware. I live in Florida and now have a house of beautiful mellow pits….. m trying to find out how to be a house”foster home” and still find homes for the ones i have…n as well as foster more

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Leslie, if you would like to become a foster you would want to contact rescues in your area. We keep our fosters within a 45 minute radius.

  37. Kristina Madron says:

    I am trying to find out how much it would cost total to adopt Sturgis. I would love to have him!

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Kristina, our adoption fee is $300 for puppies 6 months and younger. This which includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, microchipping, heartworm testing, starting on a monthly heartworm & flea/tick preventative and deworming. Please email us at for more on the adoption process.

  38. Joshua and Camille Nichols says:

    Can Maryland residents adopt from your facility? And would someone contact me via email with information pertaining to this? I have an overwhelming passion for my bully buddies my family and I volunteer constantly with the Wicomico county humane society and I’ve been with them for 6-7 years as a volunteer I spend all of my time there investing my heart into the pitties. My ultimate dream is to start a rescue of my own. Am staff and pits get the worst rap, and it kills me that they “destroy” or “put to sleep” when they don’t find an adoptee for them. Every dog has a perfect human out there for them.

    • shannonpbpde says:

      Hi Joshua and Camille we do adopt to the tri-state area but it looks like you are about 2 hours away and with PBP being a small rescue with limited resources for home visits and follow-ups this would probably be too far. I would think in the time you’ve been with Wicomico County Humane there have been an overwhelming amount of pitties to choose from.

  39. sean says:

    Is Bubba Gump still available for adoption. My wife and I have a 2 year old blue pit named bruizer and we would love to have him meet Bubba Gump as a potential brother. Please let me know.

  40. Jenn Stunkard says:

    Could I have info on Neveah’s puppy that’s available for adoption please?

  41. Melissa says:

    I’m very interested in Paulie but can’t seem to access a form of the application that will allow me to fill it out.

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